A Beginner Guide to Use Tesseract OCR to Extract Text From Images on Windows 10 – Tesseract OCR Tutorial

By | September 6, 2019

Tesseract OCR is a very popular open source for recoginzing characters from images. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to install it and use it to extract text from images on windows 10. You can do like us by following our steps.

Download Tesseract OCR

You can download Tesseract OCR at here.

You should select 64 bit version.

download tesseract for windows 10

Install Tesseract OCR

In this tutorial, we install it to C:\Program Files\Tesseract-OCR, however, i sugguest you to install it to other directroy with no empty space, such as C:\Tesseract-OCR.

Add Tesseract OCR to system environment

You should add the installation path of Tesseract OCR to system environment.

add Tesseract-OCR to system environment

Then the installation of Tesseract-OCR is completed on win 10.

Check Tesseract-OCR is installed correctly

Open cmd prop and run tesseract -v.

If you see the result like this, you have installed Tesseract-OCR successfully.

tesseract version

Extract text from images using Tesseract-OCR

You can use command: tesseract file_iamge_name output_filename to extract text in image to output_filename.txt.

For example:

tesseract f:\test2.png f:\2

Then you will find a file called 2.txt on f disk. The content of it is text extracted from test2.png.

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