A Simple Guide to NLTK Tag Word Parts-of-Speech – NLTK Tutorial

By | August 30, 2019

In nltk, if you want to improve the efficiency of application, word parts-of-speech is a very useful way. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to tag and extract the parts-of-speech of words in a sentence.

nltk part-of-speech tagging

Import library

import nltk

Download resource if needed


Create a sentence

sentence = 'tutorialexample.com is a very good blog!'

Tokenize this sentence

text = nltk.word_tokenize(sentence)

Get the parts-of-speech of words

res = nltk.pos_tag(text)

The result is:

[('tutorialexample.com', 'NN'), ('is', 'VBZ'), ('a', 'DT'), ('very', 'RB'), ('good', 'JJ'), ('blog', 'NN'), ('!', '.')]

To want to know full list of word part-of-speech, you can read this tutorial.

A Full List of Part-of-Speech of Word in NLTK – NLTK Tutorial

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