A Simple Way to Find Out Which Process is Locking a File or Folder on Windows 10

By | October 16, 2019

When we are deleting some files or folders on win 10, you may can not delete them, beacuse they are being used by other applications or processes. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to find out this application or process.

For example, We have use FoxitReader.exe to open D:\D17-1198.pdf, then we can not delete D:\D17-1198.pdf.

To find out which application or process is locking this file, we can do like this:

Run resmon.exe

You can run resmon.exe to open Resource Monitor.


Open CPU Tag in Resource Monitor

We can find the name of application or process by search the name of the locked file.

In this example, we can use “.pdf” to search, then we will find the name of locking D:\D17-1198.pdf is FoxitReader.exe.

find out which application or process is locking file on win 10

Stop application or process

Once we have got the name of application or process, we can stop it.

Select the FoxitReader.exe in Resource Monitor and press the right-hand button of your mouse, then stop this application.

stop foxitreader

Then you will unlock this file: D:\D17-1198.pdf and can delete it safely.


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