An Introduction to Audio V3 Format Extension – Deep Learning Tutorial

By | August 30, 2021

Audio V3 format extension is used in some systems. For example:

audio v3 format extension

In this tutorial, we will introduce it for users who want to process them.

V3 format is silk V3?

We can find some useful information by file header.

Open V3 file using notepad++

As to our V3 file, we can find:

Audio V3 file header information

We can find our V3 files are WAV files.

However, as to silk V3, we can find:

SILK V3 file header information

It means our V3 files are not silk V3.

How to get V3 audio files encoding?

WAV files can be encoded by PCM, ALAW and other formats. We can use to get this format. Here is the tutorial:

Python Read WAV Data Format, PCM or ALAW – Python Tutorial

We can find our V3 files are ALAW. Then we can conver them to pcm by some softwares.