Best Practice to Check What GPU is Installed in Windows 10: A Simple Guide – TensorFlow Tutorial

By | May 16, 2020

We often use GPU to speed up tensorflow. Do you know what gpu is installed in your windows 10 system or what version gpu is installed in your computer? In this tutorial, we will introduce you how do do.

As to windows 10, there are two simple ways.

Method 1:

Open task manager, then click the performance, you will find the gpu that is installed in your computer.

check gpu is installed on windows 10 system

As to our computer, we have installed NVIDIA GT620M.

Method 2:

If you have installed NVIDIA gpu, you can check the version of gpu like this.

Press right click button of your mouse to open NVIDIA control panel on your desktop.

open nvidia control panel

Then you will find what kind of gpu is installed in your windows 10 system.

check the version of NVIDIA GPU