Best Practice to Delete Files and Folders Rapidly on Windows 10

By | October 14, 2019

We can delete files and folders easily on windows 10 by selecting them and pressing del key. However, if a folder contians more than 2,000 files, you may find it will take a long time to delete them. Is there any way to delete them rapidly? The answer is yes.

We can use dos command to delete a file or folder rapidly.

Open cmd prompt

You should open cmd prompt to run dos command.

Delete a file

The dos command is:

del file_path

If there a file in F:\123.txt, then we can use dos del command to delete it.

del F:\123.txt

Delete a folder

The dos command is:

rd /s /q folder_path

For example, if F:\google-pdf\images-1 folder contains 2,000 images, we can use rd dos command to delete this folder rapidly.

rd /s /q F:\google-pdf\images-1

windows dos command to delete file and folder

Notice: If you use dos rd or del command to delete files and folders, these files and folders will not be sent to recycle bin.

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