Best Practice to Enable Chrome Reader Mode – Chrome Tips

By | July 31, 2019

Enable chrome reader mode can make us to view web page like an ebook, which is very helpfu us to void some ads. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to enable it.

Check your chrome version

Input code below in chrome address bar


Then you will find your chrome version, if it is under 75 version. You should update it.

Enable Reader Mode

Input code below.


Then you can enable this mode.

chrome enable reader mode

How to use reader mode?

Open a website page

For example, you open url by chrome:

Then click Distill page.

chrome distill page

You may find:

chrome enable reader mode example

Here is an easy way to distill page:

chrome-distiller://1703f797-0ca1-4160-8b5e-eb662ce52397/?time=8570841298&url=website url

Replace website url with page url.

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