cPanel Disable Imunify360: A Step Guide

By | September 4, 2020

Imunify360 is a good security software for protecting website. However, it also may cause some problems. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to use cPanel to disable it.

Why does we need disable Imunify360?

Imunify360 will display a captcha before loading a web page content, it will inspect a visitor is valid or not. If not, Imunify360 will only display a captcha for vistors.

Here is an example:

Imunify360 display captcha

However, Imunify360 will not working in some country, for example china. Visitors in china can not use google. If a site is protected by Imunify360, they will only see a captcha. It will descrease your site traffic.

How to disable Imunify360 by cPanel

It is easy to disable Imunify360 by cPanel. First, you should be sure you have installed Imunify360.

You can find a logo of Imunify360 in cPanel.

Imunify360 in cPanel

Then open ModeSecurity model.

ModSecurity in cPanel

Open ModSecurity, you can disable ModSecurity for all or some domains.

Disable ModSecurity for all domains

You can click Disable button to disable ModSecurity for all domains.

disable ModSecurity for all domains

Disable ModSecurity for all domains, which means all domains in this host will not be protected by Imunify360.

Disable ModSecurity for some domains

We also can disable ModSecurity for some domains.

disable ModSecurity for some domains

You can click Off or On to disable or enable ModSecurity for one domain.  Status Off means this domain is not protected by Imunify360.

By disabling ModSecurity, we can disable the effect of Imunify360 using cPanel.

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