Disable JavaScript with Android Chrome Browser – Mobile Browser Recommendation

By | June 20, 2019

When you are browsing the internet, you are often plagued by pop-ups and floating ads. These ads are usually loaded and displayed using javascript. If the javascript in the page is disabled, these ads will not be displayed. How to disable javascript execution through our mobile browser?

Since many mobile browsers do not supply disable javascript functionality, such as UC browsers, we recommend you to use Google chrome browser, such as android version.

How to disable JavaScript with android Google chome browser? You can follow steps below.

Step 1. Download and install android chrome browser.

Step 2. Open it.

Step 3. Open google chrome settings on the top right.

open android google chrome settings

Step 4. Click google chrome settings

click android google chrome settings

Step 5. Click site settings

open android google chrome site settings

Step 6. Click javascript settings

set android google chrome javascript

Step 7. Disable javascript

disable android google chrome javascript

Then you will find all javascript in web page will not work.