FileZilla Can not Extract ZIP? Use PHP unzipper.php to Extract and Create Archives Online

By | June 17, 2020

FileZilla is a good tool to upload files to remote server, however, it can not allow us to extract and create zip archives. In this tutorial, we will introduce you how to extract and compress .zip, .gz or .rar files online.

FileZilla can not extract zip file

We have uploaded a file to remote server, however, we can not extract it easily.

FileZilla can not extract zip file on web hosting

How to extract zip file online?

We can use php unzipper.php, which is a simple php class. It can allow us to extract and create .zip, .gz or .rar files online.

We can download unzipper.php here.

Then upload it to your website.

uploading php unzipper.php to web server to extract zip file

Open it with url:

Then you can extract zip file by your brower.

extract zip file using php unzipper.php - a beginner example

Meanwhile, you also can create archives using unzipper.php easily.