Fix AnyDesk Status win32_10060 Error – AnyDesk Tutorial

By | April 13, 2020

AnyDesk can help us to connect remote computers easily, however, i encoutered a problem today. AnyDesk reports a error: win32_10060, so i fail to connect my remote host by it.

How to fix win32_10060 Error in AnyDesk?

I try some methods, the correct method to me is:

Restart my wireless network and make sure you can open google site by your browers.

Then AnyDesk connects my remote computers successfully.

I think the most probable reason is that there is something wrong with your network. To fix this problem, you should:

1.Check your network is access.

2.If your network is ok, check there is something wrong with your computer, such as wireless card.

As to me, the problem is wireless network is wrong.

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