Fix “pip install ERROR: Error checking for conflicts” Error to Install Python Library – Python Tutorial

By | November 8, 2019

When we have updated python 3.5 to python 3.6, we find many python libraries we have installed before can not be used in python 3.6. We use pip to install these libraries, we will get error: pip install ERROR: Error checking for conflicts. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to fix this problem to make you can install a python library using pip.

We will install python pymupdf library for example.

Install pymupdf using pip

pip install pymupdf

Then you will find this conflicts error like this.

pip error checking for conflicts

To fix this error and install a python library, you can do by below steps.

Uninstall pymupdf library

pip uninstall pymupdf

The reason of causing conflict error is there exists a pymupdf version, to avoid conflict error, you should uninstall existing one.

Install pymupdf again

After you have uninstalled pymupdf library, you can install again using pip.

pip install pymupdf

Then you will find installing pymudpf successfully.

python pip install pymupdf successfully

However, you will find this error is also existing, to fix it, you can read this tutorial.

Fix pip install ERROR: Error checking for conflicts – A Beginner Guide

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