Fix Python AttributeError: module ‘pymysql’ has no attribute ‘escape_string’ – Python Tutorial

By | March 10, 2021

We often use pymysql package to connect and operate mysql database in python, here are some tutorials:

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However, you also may encounter this error: AttributeError: module ‘pymysql’ has no attribute ‘escape_string’. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to fix it.

How does AttributeError: module ‘pymysql’ has no attribute ‘escape_string’ occur?

Look at this example code:

import pymysql
title = pymysql.escape_string(title)

Run this code, you may get this error:

Fix Python AttributeError - module 'pymysql' has no attribute 'escape_string' - Python Tutorial

Check pymysql changelog, we can find:

Removed escape_dict, escape_sequence, and escape_string from pymysql 1.0.0 module

It means if your pymysql version >= 1.0.0, you will get this AttributeError.

Check the pymysql version


As to us, it is 1.0.2. We get this error.

How to fix this error?

We should use pymysql.converters. Here is an example code.

import pymysql
from pymysql.converters import escape_string
title = escape_string(title)

Then you will find this error is fixed.

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