Fix Python Pip Install Read Timeout Error for Beginners – Python Tutorial

By | September 18, 2019

As a python programmer, we often use pip intall command to install python libary. However, we often encounter read timeout error when installing. In this tutorial, we will introduce a new way to fix this read timeout error.

python pip install timeout solution

To fix pip install read timeout error, we have two ways:

Method 1: Set a long read time and retry times for pip

You can read this tutorial to set read timeout and retry times for pip.

Best Practice to Set Python Pip Install Timeout and Retry Times for Beginners – Python Tutorial

Method 2: Use conda install command instead

For example, We will install scikit-learn library, we use pip install.

pip install -U scikit-learn

However, we failed to install because of reading timeout error.

Then we use anaconda to install instead.

Activate python 3.5 environment

activate py3

To install anaconda and python environment, you can read this tutorial.

Install and Use Both Python 2 and Python 3 in Windows with Anaconda – Python Tutorial

Install scikit-learn

conda install scikit-learn

Then we install successfully and we do not find read timeout error.

pyton conda install python library