Fix WordPress “#1067 – Invalid default value for ‘post_date'” – WordPress Tutorial

By | March 16, 2023

When i use phpmyadmin to add a full text index for wp_posts table, i get this error: “#1067 – Invalid default value for ‘post_date'”. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to fix this problem.


This error is caused by mysql sql_mode, which determines what is the value of post_date.

In phpmyadmin, we can see it use this sql:

show variables like 'sql_mode';

Then we will see:

sql_mode in mysql

From the result, we can find mysql can not allow date is zero.

How to fix this error?

We should change the value of sql_mode.

Open my.ini in mysql, we can change it to:


sql_mode value in mysql my.ini

Restart mysql, we find this error is fixed.

Moreover, if you have no permission to edit my.ini. You also can change the data type of post_date to fix this error.

For example, as to wordpress wp_posts table, there are four columns that data type is datetime. We set the date type to be timestamp.

Fix WordPress #1067 - Invalid default value for post_date - WordPress Tutorial

We will see:

Fix WordPress #1067 - Invalid default value for post_date timestamp - WordPress Tutorial

The error is also can be fixed.

Moreover, you also can run sql code below to fix this error:

ALTER TABLE wp_posts ADD FULLTEXT INDEX crp_realted(post_title, post_content)

Then, you also can find fulltext index crp_realted is ceated successfully.