Fix WordPress Autoptimize and W3 Total Can not Write Cache Folder Error: A Beginner Guide – WordPress Tutorial

By | April 3, 2020

We often use Autopimize and W3 Total Cache plugins to optimize our wordpress site, however, you may find error that they can not write cache folder. We will tell you how to fix this error in this tutorial.

The error is:

fix wordpress autopimize and w3 total cache error

Why does this cache error occur?

There are two mains reasons for this cache error:

1. There is no enough space for your site, which will cause Autopimize and W3 Total Cache plugins can not write any files into cache folder.

2.No permission, which means Autopimize and W3 Total Cache plugins do not have permission to write files to cache folder.

How to fix this cache error?

1. No enough space

You shoud make some extra space to save cache files.

2.No permission

You can open you hosting server by cpanel and change the permission of cache folder to 777. Here is an example:

wordpress fix cache cannot write error

Then you will find this cache error is fixed.

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