Install Aria2 on Win10 to Download Files: A Beginner Guide

By | April 29, 2020

Aria2 is a powerful utility to download files from internet. How to install it on win 10? In this tutorial, we will use some steps to illustrate you how to do.

Download aria2

Win10 is 64bit, you should download win 64bit version to install.

download aria2 64bit for installation

Then you will get a zip file, open it, you will find a aria2c.exe file.

download aria2 64bit aria2c.exe for installation

Create a folder named aria2 in c:\

We should create a aria2 folder in c disk on win10. Here is an example.

create aria2 folder on win10

Copy aria2c.exe to c:\aria2

We copy aria2c.exe file to c:\aria2

Add c:\aria2 to windows system path

This step is very important.

add aria2 to windows system environment path

Then open window command prompt, enter aria2c, you will get the message like this:

install aria2 on win10 successfully

It mean we have installed aria2 on windows 10 successfully.