Install Python NNI (Neural Network Intelligence) for Hyper-parameter Tuning on Win10: A Beginner Guide

By | April 29, 2020

Python NNI (Neural Network Intelligence) is an AutoML toolkit for automate machine learning, which is very useful to hyper-parameter tuning. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to install this tool on win10.


We have installed python 3.6 and python 3.7 using anaconda on win10. We plan to install nni to python 3.6, we have installed tensorflow in this python version.

Activate pyton 3.6

We should activate python 3.6 environment first.

activate py3.6

Install nni library

We can use pip command to install nni.

pip install nni

If you find timout error when using pip, you can fix it by this tutorial.

Best Practice to Set Python Pip Install Timeout and Retry Times for Beginners

Or you can set a fast pip mirror.

A Simple Guide to Change Python Pip Mirror URL

Then you we will find there are some other python libraries should be installed.

python install nni library for machine learning

Finally, after finishing installation, you can test it as follow.

import nni

install python nni library successfully

If there are not any errors, you intall nni to your computer successfully.

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