JuiceSSH: A Best SSH Client for Android to Manage Your VPS Like Putty

By | March 22, 2020

We usually use windows putty to manage our vps, it looks like:

putty manage vps example

However, we can not install putty on our android phone. If you plan to manage your vps by your android phone, you should install an alternative putty app.

We find JuiceSSH, which is a good alternative ssh client for putty.

You can download it in here: https://www.juicessh.com/

After you have installed it, you can manage your vps like this:

Create a connection

You can click Connections to create a new connection by JuiceSSH.

Here is an example:

JuiceSSH create a new connection

Create a ssh connection

SSH connection is widely used in putty, we also can create a ssh connection by JuiceSSH.

To create a ssh connection, you shoud notice:

Type: SSH

Address: your vps ip, like

Identity: the usename for logining vps, for example: root

Port: default 22, you may change it by your situation.

JuiceSSH create a new ssh connection

Then save this connection, you can connect and manage your vps like putty on windows.

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