Modify Notepad++ Line Spacing: A Beginner Guide

By | December 3, 2019

The line spacing is very small in Notepad++ defaultly. In this tutorial, we will introduce you how to change the line spacing of notepad++. You can learn and change your notepad++ by following our tutorial.

Step 1: Clicking Settings on the top of notepad++

Then you will see some items, Clicking Style Configurator.

notepad style configurator

Then you will open a configuration window.

Step 2: Modify notepad++ line spacing

First, you should select Line number margin on the left of configuration.

Then, you should set the font size to a bigger one, such as 16 or 18.

Finally, press Save & Close button.

notepad change line spacing

The effect of line spacing in notepad++ looks like:

notepad change line spacing effect

We will find the line spacing of notepad++ is changed.