Python Compress Image without Width and Height Reduce – Python Tutorial

By | August 1, 2019

To compress an image in python, you can reduce its width and height or reduce its quality. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to compress images by reducing image quality wihout width and height reduce.

python compress image

If you are interesting to compress images by php, you can read this tutorial.

A Simple Example to Compress Images in PHP – PHP Examples

Import python PIL library

from PIL import Image

Open an image by PIL library

file_old= 'E:\\image-alpha.png'
file_new = 'E:\\image-alpha-new.png'

im =

Then you can save this image with different quality., quality=10,optimize=True)

The value of quality shoud be 1 (worst) to 95 (best). Above 95 shoud avoid.

We evaluate the effect.

Original image size: 97.4 KB

Compressed image size: 91.3 KB