Python Convert PDF to Images with Given Scale Using PyMuPDF – Python Tutorial

By | March 21, 2023

To convert pdf files to images, we can use pymupdf library to do it. Here is an tutorial showing how to convert.

Best Practice to Python Convert PDF to Images for Beginners – Python Tutorial

However, this way only can convert a pdf page to a small image. For example: here is a pdf file, which size is 8.50 * 11.00 in. PyMuPDF will convert pdf page to png with 612 * 792 pixel defautly.

If you want to convert pdf page to 1224 * 1584, which is 2 times than defaulty. How to do?

Load pdf file

import sys, fitz
doc = None
file =r'F:\1.pdf'
    doc = 
except Exception as e:
    if doc:

Get the first pdf page

first_page = doc[0]

Set the pdf matrix with given scale

image_matrix = fitz.Matrix(fitz.Identity)
image_matrix.preScale(2, 2)

(2, 2) means the size of page is 2 times in width and height. You also can set the value to be (2.5, 2.5) or others

Convert pdf page to image

pix = first_page.getPixmap(alpha = False, matrix=image_matrix)

Then you will get an image with 1224 * 1584.

Notice: if pix.writePNG() function can not be used, you should check the version of the PyMuPDF. Then, you can check the functions in Pixmap class.

For example, you also can use writeImage() function to save images in Pixmap class.

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