Python Create GIF with Images Using MoviePy: A Complete Guide – Python Tutorial

By | October 25, 2019

Python can allow us to create a gif using some images, which is very easy. In this tutorial, we will use python moviepy library to create a gif. You can learn how to do.

Import library

from moviepy.editor import ImageSequenceClip

Load images

images = []
#load 10 images
for i in range(10):

In this example, we will use 10 jpg images to create a gif image. You also can travers images from a directory or capture images from a video.

Here is an example:

Python Traverse Images in a Directory for Beginners – Python Tutorial

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Create an ImageSequenceClip object to create gif

clip = ImageSequenceClip(images,fps=1)

where fps =1 express gif will load an image per sencond, you also can change its value by yourself.

Save to gif image


Run this script, you will find:

python create gif with images using moviepy

Then gif is created successfully.

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