Python JSON Processing Notes for Beginners

JSON is a very good way to share data among different applications. In python, we can serialize a python object to string and send it to other applications.

python json processing

To process json in python, we should know:

1.How to encode a python object to a string

To encode a python list to json.

Python Convert List to Json to Share Data: A Beginner Guide

Serialize any python object.

Serialize Python Object to String 

2.How to decode a json string to python object

We also can decode a json string to a python object to use.

Deserialize Json to Object for Python Beginners

3.How to save json string to database

We may need to save json string to database (Oracle, MySQL) to share or process. To save it. Here is a tutorial.

Store JSON Data into MySQL Using Python: A Simple Guide

4.How to decode python json using php

After having got json string using python, we may send it to remote web server to process, for example php web server. To decode it using php, we can read:

PHP Decode Python Json to PHP Array: A Completed Guide for Beginners