Python PDF Processing Notes for Beginners

Python can process pdf files easily, it provides some libraries to process pdf for us. In this page, we will list some basic operations when processing pdf files.

To process a pdf file, you should notice:

1.PDF file is integral or incomplete or not.

Before processing a pdf file using python, we should make it be integral, otherwise, you will fail to process it. Especially the file is downloaded from site.

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2.Check pdf file is not opened or locked by other applications

If a pdf file is opened or locked by other applications, you will can not process it. Otherwise, you may get some errors.

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3.Extract text from pdf document

There are some python libraries to process pdf document, such as PyPDF2 and PyMuPDF. Both of them can extract text from pdf file.

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However, which one is better? The answer is here.

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Moreover,if a pdf only contains images, you can not extract text from pdf. In this situation, we can convert pdf to images, then extract text from images.

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4.Create pdf file

To create a pdf, we can convert an image, a html page, a svg file to pdf.

4.1 Image to PDF

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4.2 HTML to PDF

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4.3 SVG to PDF

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5.Convert PDF to Images

We also can convert a pdf document to several images page by page, which is very helpful to view it by browser.

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6.Split and Merge PDFs

As to a big pdf document, we can split it to some small ones or merge some small pdfs to a big one.

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7.PDF Metadata


We can extract pdf bookmarks from its meta outline information.

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7.2 PDF Title

PDF matadata also contains the title of a pdf, however, it is not correct. In order to get a pdf title, we can extract from its content.

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