Python Subtract Datetime Between Two Different Datetime – Python Tutorial

By | July 26, 2022

We often need to subtract two datetime in python. In this tutorial, we will introduce you how to do.

Method 1: subtract two datetime directly

We can subtract two datetime directly in python. For example:

import  datetime

date_1 = datetime.datetime(year = 2022, month=2, day=2, hour=14, minute=2, second=13)
date_2 = datetime.datetime(year = 2022, month=2, day=2, hour=16, minute=3, second=13)

date_3 = date_2 - date_1


Here we use date_2-date_1 to get date_3 directly.

Run this code, we will get:


Here we should notice date_1 and date_2 are datetime object. If your datetime is string, you should convert it to datetime type.

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Method 2: convert datetime to timestamp for subtract

For example:

sec = datetime.datetime.timestamp(date_2) - datetime.datetime.timestamp(date_1)

We can use datetime.datetime.timestamp() to convert a datetime object to timestamp.

Then we will see:


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