Text Classification: LSTM+CNN or CNN+LSTM? Which is Better Performance?

By | December 16, 2020

Nowadays, LSTM and CNN are combined to implement text classification. As to LSTM+CNN and CNN+LSTM, which model will get better performance? In this tutorial, we will disucss it.

The structure of CNN+LSTM

As to CNN+LSTM, the output of CNN will be fed into the LSTM or BiLSTM.

the structure of cnn+lstm

The structure of LSTM+CNN

Similar to CNN+LSTM, as to LSTM+CNN, the output of LSTM will be fed into a CNN network.

the structure of lstm+cnn

Which model will get better performance in text classification?

In paper:Twitter Sentiment Analysis using combined LSTM-CNN Models

As to experiment settings:

twitter sentiment analysis using lstm-cnn

The result is:

the result of twitter sentiment analysis using lstm-cnn

We can find:

  • LSTM is better than CNN and CNN-LSTM.
  • LSTM-CNN gets the highest accuracy.

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