Ubuntu Reset Forgotten Password: A Completed Guide – Linux Tutorial

By | October 29, 2019

Sometimes, you may forget your password and can not login into ubuntu. You may want to retrieve password, however, it can not work in ubuntu system, you can only reset a new one. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to reset a forgotten password for users in order to make them can login into their system.

Reboot your pc and press shift key consistently

Press shift key consistenly, you may login into grub mode.

ubuntu advanced options

Select Advanced options for Ubuntu

Then you will find a recovery mode

ubuntu recovery mode

Select a Ubuntu recovery mode and press enter

You will find a recovery menu, select root menu.

ubuntu root shell prompt

Then you can reset password for a user.

View all users

cat /etc/shadow

Select a user and use passwd command to change his password

If your username is zhilun, you can do like this:

passwd zhilun

However, if you encounter Authentication token manipulation error, you can read this tutorial to fix it.

Fix Ubuntu Passwd: Authentication token manipulation error – Linux Tutorial

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