Understand Audio Amplitude and Power Spectrogram – Python Audio Processing

By | June 10, 2022

When we are using python to process audio, we may find audio amplitude and power spectrogram, what are them and how to understand them? In this tutorial, we will introduce them to you.

Audio amplitude

Audio amplitude is easy to understand, it is:

Audio amplitude

The value of it will affect the loudness of an audio, the higher the louder.

In python, we can use librosa.amplitude_to_db() to convert amplitude to decibel (dB) units.

Audio Power Spectrogram

As to an audio, the value of power spectrogram = (amplitude)^2, which means the value of power spectrogram>=0.

In python, we also can use librosa.power_to_db() to convert a power spectrogram to decibel (dB) units.

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