Understand Element-wise Multiplication Between Two Vector – Machine Learning Tutorial

By | October 10, 2020

Element-wise multiplication of two vector is one of especial hadamard products.

An Introduction to Hadamard Product – Deep Learning Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will introduce element-wise multiplication for machine learning beginners.

Element-wise multiplication is widely used in neural network, For example:

Element-wise multiplication in neural network

Where Θ is the element-wise multiplication.

What is the element-wise multiplication?

The element-wise multiplication between vectors can be computed as:

element-wise multiplication between two vector in machine learning

The result is a vector, not a scalar.

How to compute element-wise multiplication between vectors in tensorflow?

We can use * or tf.multiply() to compute.

Here is the tutorial:

Computing Hadamard Product of Two Tensors in TensorFlow – TensorFlow Example

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