Understand Font Families and Fonts: A Beginner Guide – Python Tutorial

By | November 29, 2019

There are two important concepts: font family and font in application development. If you plan to change the display style of text, you should understand them. In this tutorial, we will introduce some basic feartures and knowlage on them for beginners.

5 main font famlies

There are many types of font, such as Times New Roman, Arial and Comic Sans MS and so on. However, we can classify them into 5 main font famlies. They are: sans-serif, serif, cursive, monospace and fantasy.

What font family you should use?

We should use font family in different situation.

There is a basic rule.

Font Family Field Example
sans serif online, such as web development sans serif font example
serif for print serif font example
cursive handwriting cursive font example
monospace typewriter and source code monospace font example
fantasy accents fantasy font example

There are many fonts in each font family. Here will list some popular fonts in each font family.

Font Family Fonts
sans serif Arial,Helmet,Freesans …
serif ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Adobe Jenson’,Albertus, Arno …
cursive ‘Comic Sans MS’ …
monospace ‘Courier New’, Courier, Consolas,’Lucida Console’,’Bitstream VeraSans Mono’ …
fantasy Ouroboros, Wonderbar …

You can find one to use in your application.

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