Understand LSTM Peephole Connections: A Beginner Guide – LSTM Networks Tutorial

By | July 20, 2020

LSTM peephole conncections is one of improvements for classic LSTM network. In this tutorial, we will introduce the difference between LSTM peephole conncections and classic LSTM.

Difference between LSTM peephole conncections and classic LSTM

We should compare them with their formulas.

Classic LSTM LSTM with Peephole Connections
The formula of LSTM Formula of LSTM with Peephole Connections

We can find the main differences between classic LSTM and LSTM with peephole connections are in three gates.

LSTM with peephole connections add hidden state Ct to three gates in classic lstm.

We also can find the detail in tensorflow source code.

Implement LSTM with Peephole Connections in TensorFlow

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