Way to Fix Google Search Console Reporting Soft-404 Errors on Pages that Exist – WordPress Tutorial

By | June 18, 2019

Soft 404 error is harmful to our site in search engine. To fix this error, you can refer steps below.

google soft 404 error

Step 1. Make sure your page exists or not

If you page does not exist, you should return 404 no found. However, if you page exists and get soft 404 error, you should read step 2.

Step 2. Check the length of page is enough long

If the content of your page is short, some search engines may think this page does not exist, so you should be sure your page has enough content.

Step 3. Use Google URL Inspection Tool

The most important way is to use google inspection tool to check the response code of this page, if it returns 200, it will be ok, you shoud request google crawl your page again. However, if it returns 404, you should check:

  1. This page can be crawled by google?
  2. The length of this page is enough long?
  3. The content of this page should be 404 no found, but you display some other contents, such as “i am sorray that i do not find any contents”.