Ways to View .ipynb Files Online Without Installing Jupyter – Jupyter Notebook Tutorial

By | March 11, 2021

.ipynb file is created by jupyter notebook. In this tutorial, we will introduce some methods to view this kind of file without installing jupyter.

If you have installed jupyter, you can view .pynb files easily, here is the tutorial.

Getting Started with Jupyter Notebook: Installation and Run Python Script

However, if you do not want to install jupyter, how to view .ipynb file? There are some ways.

Use nbviewer

URL: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/

Use nbviewer to view .ipynb files

If your .ipynb files are from github.com, you can view these .ipynb files by url in nbviewer.

Use Cocalc

URL: https://cocalc.com/projects?session=default

Use cocalc.com to view .ipynb files

Cocalc allows us to upload .ipynb files to view online from our pc, it is a good choice to view .ipynb file.

Use browser extensions

As to chrome, we can install Jupyter Notebook Viewer to view .ipynb files.

As to firefox, we can install Python Notebook Viewer Plugin to view .ipynb files.