Fix Twisted Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required Error When Installing Scrapy – Python Tutorial

By | July 12, 2019

In this tutorial, we introduce a way to fix Twisted Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required Error when installing scrapy on windows without downloading and installing Microsoft Visual Studio.

Twisted Microsoft visual C++ 14.0 required


Check your windows system and python version.

Our is: win 10 + python 3.5

Download Twisted whl file.

You can download this file in here.

We select Twisted-18.4.0-cp35-cp35m-win_amd64.whl to download.

Install twisted whl file

pip install f:\Twisted-18.4.0-cp35-cp35m-win_amd64.whl

To install .whl file, you also can read this tutorial.

Python Install .whl File – Python Tutorial

You can get:

Installing collected packages: Twisted
Successfully installed Twisted-18.4.0

Install Scrapy

pip install Scrapy

You will find scrapy library is installed successfully.

Installing collected packages: ScrapySuccessfully 
installed Scrapy-1.6.0